Revolutionary web apps

It’s time to Begin focusing on what really matters. Own your data, and your code.

Build fullstack apps with confidence. Begin gives you the best local development experience with deterministic deployments. We’ve got you covered for infrastructure complexity and scaling, so you can spend more time building the experiences your users want.

We’re doing away with clunky build steps, clusters, instances, and pods, and taking care of all of that for you, while giving you the tools you need to build resilient, future-proof, full stack products as pure cloud functions.

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Own your content:
Own your code

  • Own your identity with your own domain and indieauth.
  • Open and portable code keeps you from vendor and framework lock-in.
  • Keep your products connected with built-in support for Webmentions.
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Get off the hype train:
Stability through standards

  • Rock solid foundations with stable web-native standards — no more breaking changes.
  • Easily use Web Components and Microformats2 to create rich experiences.
  • JavaScript fundamentals.
// app/elements/my-header.mjs
export default function MyHeader ({ html }) {
  return html`
      <my-link href="/about"></my-link>

<!-- app/pages/index.html -->
  <p>Real web standards!</p>
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Take your front-end
chops to the next level

  • Work directly with data stores.
  • Write and deploy your code as pure cloud functions.
  • Easy to maintain, progressively enhanced user experiences and seamless styling.
<form method="post" action="/data">
    Email address:
    <input type="email" name="email" />
  <button type="submit">Submit</button>