Modern apps.

Built fast af.

Begin is a ridiculously quick platform for building modern web apps, sites, & APIs.

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Really. It's that fast.

Instantly go from idea to production: Begin apps take seconds to create, build, and deploy. And boy do they ever scale.

Effortlessly take on enormous, unpredictable traffic loads with Begin's globally available serverless infra, SSD-backed databases, and CDNs, all based on the best of AWS.

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The platform for modern apps

  • Speed

    Be faster

    Realtime isn't just for customers anymore. Begin ships frontend and backend code instantly and in parallel. Release hundreds of times per day. We dare you.

  • Scalable

    Scale forever

    Begin apps run on the most advanced, stable infra available, from elastically scalable serverless compute to performance-tuned CDNs. Scale your app to 60GBps and beyond.

  • Zero config

    More power, less config

    Begin apps come pre-wired with isolated staging & prod environments, CI/CD, gitops, and instant deployments. No hidden maintenance, just add code and delight your users.

  • Workflow

    Dead simple workflow

    Why would you ever deploy to check your code? Rapidly prototype with Begin's fast, simple, local dev environment, and git push to update staging. That's it.

The cloud you've been waiting for


That whole just-add-code thing? The dream is finally real. Begin unlocks a new but familiar way of building apps that leverages hyperscale cloud infrastructure, serverless cloud functions, CDNs, and SSD-backed databases.

Go beyond static sites: build rich applications with real Node.js-powered endpoints.

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Open core: just say no to lock-in


Begin is built on a foundation-backed, Apache 2-licensed open core – no proprietary tech, no risk of lock-in. Eject your Begin app at any time and host it yourself in a few minutes.

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Modern apps are affordable, scalable, and only charge you for usage.
Begin apps are free forever. Pay for increased isolation, throughput, and support.



    • Up to 5 apps
    • Shared app resources
    • Single developer
    • Limited throughput and database usage
    • Basic support
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    (plus AWS fees)
    • Up to 20 apps
    • Dedicated app resources
    • Invite teammates
    • Unlimited throughput and database usage
    • Priority support
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    It depends!

    • Unlimited apps
    • Runs on your AWS account
    • Enterprise SSO
    • Unlimited throughput and database usage
    • Enterprise SLA and support
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Just look at all the 💩 you're
not doing with Begin

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