How Begin works

The fastest, easiest way to work with tasks in Slack.

Getting started

Learn how to install and start using Begin with your team in under a minute!

Slack channels, Begin projects

To share tasks with your team, first invite Begin to a channel. Choose the channel you want and type /invite @begin.

Now this channel will display in Begin as a project!

Create a task

Tasks are easily created both in Slack and the Begin app.

To add a task in Slack, first pick a channel, then type @begin and then whatever your task is.

In Begin just hit the Add a task box!

Schedule your tasks

Tasks in Begin can be scheduled in natural language. Just tell Begin when you want to start on your task, and it’ll automatically add a schedule.

Send tasks to teammates

Sending a task to a teammate is super easy. In Slack, just add @teammate to your task. Done!

In Begin, open a task and simply pick a new owner.

Phew. Doesn’t it feel nice to get a helping hand?

Choosing tasks to focus on

To focus on a task in Slack, click Timeframe and then Today.

In Begin, hover over over the ☀️ icon to reveal the Focus on this button, and click it yo!

Your task will now be shown to your fellow teammates in the team Focus List. Select as many or as few as you want – we recommend focusing on just one or two at a time, if possible.

P.S. –If you type “Today” while entering a task, Begin will add that task to your Focus List!

Viewing tasks

To view tasks in Slack, in any channel type @begin tasks to see a list of tasks everyone in that channel is working on. (To see all of your own tasks, direct message Begin and type tasks.)

To view tasks in Begin, just go to the Tasks screen. From here you can view all tasks across all projects that you’re in. To see your own tasks click on the Just mine tab.