Serverless in seconds.

Create AWS serverless apps, APIs, and sites with databases, sessions, and full CI/CD.

In ten seconds.

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The serverless future is here

Build software without speed limits

Shipping your app to cloud functions means globally available, zero downtime deployments in seconds – not hours, not minutes.

Say goodbye to containers, instances, VMs, or servers

Nothing to configure, nothing to patch, nothing to maintain, nothing to back up, nothing to restore. Just write code.

End-to-end services for your app

Built-in CI/CD, isolated staging + production environments, auto-scaling databases, sessions, and HTTPS means focusing on what matters: shipping to your customers.

Effortlessly spin up new projects

The days of requisitioning resources, configuring server images, and managing orchestration are done. Stand up fully-functional apps in ten seconds.

Pay for what you use, not a penny more

Forget about capacity planning, overprovisioning, and maintenance costs. Pay for what you use while your app scales up automatically.

Sounds good, right?
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