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The world's most advanced cloud tech. Made usable.

Serverless but more

The world's most advanced cloud tech. Made usable.

Focus on what you do best: building amazing web apps and APIs.

The best of AWS in seconds

It's never been so easy to create full-featured, globally scalable applications. Go far beyond static with dynamic SSR, SSD-backed databases, background tasks, global CDNs, and more.

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Zero lock-in. Ever.

Don't lock your app into some proprietary platform. Begin is open-source at its core, so you can eject at any time and host your apps on AWS yourself.

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Meet your new superpowers

Serverless HTTP

The future of app & API development is here: super fast, easily debuggable serverless functions that handle server-side rendering & dynamic responses.

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Begin Data

Persist & access data in milliseconds with a durable, easy to use, fully managed key-value & document database built on the world-class DynamoDB.

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Global CDN

With over 200 performance-tuned points-of-presence around the world, your static views & automatically-fingerprinted assets are super fast & extremely available.

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Background tasks

Never slow down – kick off asychronous background operations (like analytics or talking to external APIs) with a single instantaneous call.

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Scheduled tasks

Like ye cron jobs of olde (but without all the servers) – regularly run anything from database backups to batch jobs so you can stay focused on your users.

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Framework agnostic

Author in any static site generator or frontend framework – or use none at all – to meet your app's unique needs.

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Frontend friendly AF

Build your app your way: Begin supports every major vendor-agnostic frontend framework. Don't get locked into a platform – or a web framework.


All the power of IaC with none of the hassle: Begin manages your entire build pipeline and AWS-native CI/CD deployments all from a single human-usable manifest.

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Don't take our word for it

  • Finally had a chance to play with @Begin.

    Damn, it feels sooo good, this should be a part of AWS. Feels like Heroku of #serverless age.

    Simplification of complex infra pieces behind good-looking UI and framework, I'm sold.

    Rafal Wilinski
  • It's amazing to see how quickly you can start modifying and building webapps using platforms like @Begin. I can't wait to see how this area of website building will develop.

    marek kuczyński
  • TIL @Begin 🤯
    - Infra
    - CI/CD
    - Multiple Envs
    All under 5 minutes. WOW

    Michael Khait
  • Ok @begin - despite not being able to type your domain name the first time, every time ("being" anyone?)...

    This is the smoothest, quickest app hosting I've ever seen. Most other providers have lost this vision. This is a seriously good experience.

    Antony Jones
  • Looking to learn what all the hotness is with Deno but don't want to waste a lot of time?

    I created a free 2:37 video to get you up & running with Deno using @Begin. Really impressed with their platform, definitely a super easy way to deploy Deno apps 🔥

    Nader Dabit
  • I gotta say (again) - Begin is slick AF.

    Ajay Nair
  • Will continue saying this: Brian and the team at @begin live in the dang future.

    Sam Breed


Modern apps are affordable, scalable, and only charge for what you use. Begin apps are free forever. Pay for increased throughput, isolation, and support. Simple.



  • Up to 5 apps
  • Shared app resources
  • Single developer
  • Limited throughput and database usage
  • Basic support
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( plus AWS fees )
  • Up to 20 apps
  • Dedicated app resources
  • Invite teammates
  • Unlimited throughput and database usage
  • Priority support
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  • Unlimited apps
  • Runs on your AWS
  • Enterprise SSO
  • Unlimited throughput and database usage
  • Enterprise SLA
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