Don’t work so hard.
Begin is a tasking tool designed for humans, so you can focus on doing fewer things better.
Because the happiest teams don’t do more work, they do their best work.
Don’t work so hard.
Love Slack even more
Begin is built from the ground up for Slack, so you don’t have to constantly leave your conversations to get things done. Tasks and projects seamlessly integrate with your team’s channels and Grid workspaces.
Ready when you are
Keeping it all in your head is stressful. So whether you’re working on a Mac, in Slack, on your iPhone, or on the web, Begin’s got a super fast app ready to go.
Coming soon: iPad, Android, and Windows clients!
Turn thoughts into tasks
Enough with the endless forms and fields. Begin is the fastest, easiest way to capture your work and send tasks to teammates, so you can stay focused on what’s important.
Ask less, know more
Teams that use Begin know where work stands, which means fewer status updates and less time spent checking-in. Because everyone deserves a bit of freedom from being asked whether something is done yet.
Request early access
Sign up below for early access to Begin, which requires a Slack team to get started. (If you don’t use Slack, no sweat — we’ll notify you when Begin supports your team’s communication tools.)
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