Know what matters.

Create tasks and find out what everyone is focused on, right from Slack.

The happiest teams don’t do more work, they do their best work.

Turn talk into action

Just send a Slack message to @begin and it instantly becomes a new task.

Clear the clutter

Begin makes it easy to prioritize things so you can focus on what’s most important.

Celebrate every win

Finish a task and Begin lets the whole team know you’re making progress.

Setup in 60 seconds


Add Begin to Slack

First, let’s add Begin to your Slack workspace.

Just click the button below!


Invite it to a channel

Pick a channel, any channel!

Type: /invite @begin

Now everyone in that channel can create tasks.


Create some tasks!

Just type @begin and then whatever your task is.

Begin will instantly create a task and share it with your team. That’s it!


Small teams
Always free for teams of four or less!
Mid-sized teams
$5 per user / month
Free until 2019
Enterprise teams
Coming soon!

Get Begin

Whether you prefer to work in Slack, on the web, or with a Mac, Begin’s got you covered.
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