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Deliver Functional Web Apps at global scale

Industry-standard AWS Distribution, simplified

Begin Deploy makes AWS deployment a breeze. Run on the same global network as industry leaders, while managing your apps from Begin’s powerful, user friendly interface.

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Open source, wide open possibilities

Build resiliently with Begin’s standards-driven suite of open source tools.


The HTML-first full stack framework

export async function get() {
  return {
    json: {
        title: "About",
        links: [
          { 'home': "/home" },
    <a href=”/”><img src=”/_public/logo.svg” alt=”Acme Coffee”>
        <li><a href=”/products”>Products</a></li>
  • Server rendered custom elements seamlessly upgrade to interactive Web Components
  • Standards based development for resilient, dependable web apps
  • No JavaScript required (unless you want it!)

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Powerful declarative deployment

  • Exceptional developer experience with low friction and smart, configurable defaults
  • Local-first development paired with identical staging and production environments
  • Infrastructure as code makes cloud provisioning simple and deterministic

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A simple, fast, extensible AWS client

Interact with AWS services at unmatched speeds

A community-driven alternative to AWS’s JavaScript SDK, aws-lite is authored from the ground up for performance and simplicity, backed by human readable documentation and a growing plugin ecosystem.

>npm i @aws-lite/client

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Proven architecture, unrivaled results

Begin apps are, by default, Functional Web Apps (FWAs). This means apps deployed to Begin follow a battle-tested architectural pattern, which relies on single responsibility cloud functions, built-in managed databases, and deterministically deployed cloud infrastructure.

Informed by years of evidence-based research and development, this approach is also used by some of the largest properties on the internet today.

Begin apps deliver the benefits of FWAs to web developers out of the box, combining incredible ease of implementation with unrivaled reliability, power, and flexibility.

Start with HTML. Build your wildest dreams.

Check out these examples of apps built on the Begin stack, or explore our full showcase.

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Spiral graphics by Ayush Shaka, licensed under CC BY 4.0