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We’re passionate about helping teams focus.

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We started Begin because tasking software is discouraging. It’s often just so stressful, slow, bloated, difficult to learn. And none of it is designed from the ground up to work with modern tools (like Slack).

Everyone deserves better software that’s designed for how teams work and think today.

So we rethought what it means to share our work with others, deeply integrating Begin into the shared social fabric of your team: Slack channels.

Begin enables everyone to create tasks instantly and fluidly with plain language. No arcane task management methodologies, no learning curve.

And tasks made with Begin automatically map to your team’s channels, shared with your teammates, so there’s less need for all that shoulder-tapping.

Perhaps most significantly: we designed Begin to help people focus on doing fewer things better, enabling everyone to zero in on what’s most meaningful and impactful right now.

Tasking should be simple and delightful. It’s what we’re insanely passionate about.

We hope Begin can help get everyone on your team on the same page, focused on doing their best work!

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