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by Simon MacDonald

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We are starting a book club

We love to read at Begin! Our daily stand-up calls frequently include updates and recommendations on books we are reading, so we wanted to share that with our community.

One of my favorite words is tsundoku.

Tsundoku (Japanese: 積ん読) is acquiring reading materials but letting them pile up in one’s home without reading them.

While I’m a voracious reader, these authors keep writing new books. My “to read” stack currently sits at 200 books even though I’ve read over 100 books this year.

Why start a book club?

  1. We enjoy talking about books internally, so we wanted to share them with the community.
  2. To help diversify our reading lists. What are some greats reads that we don’t know about?
  3. The chance to get to know and interact directly with our community members.

Our first meet-up

We’ll be hosting book club meetings every two months, with our first meet-up occurring on Wednesday, January 19th at 11 am PST, 2 pm EST, 8 pm CET to discuss The DynamoDB Book by Alex DeBrie with special guest star Alex DeBrie.

The DynamoDB Book cover

How to participate

  1. Pick up a copy of The DynamoDB Book.
  2. Read the book. Jot down any questions you have or memorable quotes.
  3. Join the Architect Discord, where we will be hosting the book club video chat.
  4. Click on the Events tab and get a reminder for the next book club meeting.
  5. Follow the @begin Twitter account, where we will send out polls for future book club selections.

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