Architect 9.5: welcomes ES Module support

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by Simon MacDonald

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On Thursday, January 6th, the AWS team announced ES Modules and top level await support. It was a bit surprising since most Friday news dumps give bad news. Once we got over our initial euphoria, we got jealous that Architect didn’t have support for ES Modules yet and well:

I took that personally

Introducing Architect 9.5

With the release of Architect 9.5.0, you can configure your architect project to use ES Modules as long as your Lambdas are utilizing the nodejs14.x runtime.

You can configure your Lambda to use ESM either by using the .mjs file extension or adding the "type": "module" property to your Lambdas package.json file. The default will continue to be CommonJS, which is the Node.js convention. When Architect 10 is released default Lambda handler files created by Architect will use ESM.

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