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We are pleased to announce that last week we rolled out support for sixteen regions on

Choosing the right region

When choosing which region to deploy your application to on Begin, consider two main aspects: Latency and Data Compliance.

Latency: when getting ready to deploy your application, consider where the bulk of your users reside. If you are targeting a South American user base, it doesn’t make sense to deploy your app to Singapore, SG when São Paulo, BR is an option. Choosing a proper region will reduce the likelihood of long wait times for your users.

For users outside of your deployed region, latency is mitigated when deploying through Begin by CloudFront edge locations.

Data Compliance: enterprises and governments routinely require data to be stored in specific regions. For example, suppose you are doing business in Canada and your application handles personal information from your customers. In that case, you must follow PIPEDA. You will want to deploy your application to Montréal, CA to ensure that data never leaves Canada.

Supported Regions

Users can now select from the following list of regions to deploy their applications to on Begin.

  • Dublin, IE
  • Frankfurt, DE
  • London, GB
  • Montréal, CA
  • Mumbai, IN
  • N. California, US
  • N. Virginia, US
  • Ohio, US
  • Oregon, US
  • Paris, FR
  • São Paulo, BR
  • Seoul, KR
  • Singapore, SG
  • Stockholm, SE
  • Sydney, AU
  • Tokyo, JP

Deploying to a supported region

Users of the Begin CLI version 0.15.0 or later can select which region their application will be deployed to during application creation.

begin create
This project doesn't appear to be associated with a Begin app
? Would you like to create a Begin app based on this project? (Y/n) · true
? What would you like to name your app? · region-test
? What would you like to name your first environment? · staging
? Would you like to specify the geographical region your project will be
  deployed to? (This cannot be changed) (Y/n) · true
? Select from these regions
  N. California, US
  Oregon, US
  N. Virginia, US
  Ohio, US
> Montréal, CA
  Tokyo, JP
  Seoul, KR
  Mumbai, IN
  Singapore, SG
  Sydney, AU
  Frankfurt, DE
  Stockholm, SE
  Dublin, IE
  London, GB
  Paris, FR
  São Paulo, BR
Added appID 'XXXXXXXX' to project, be sure to commit this change!
App 'region-test' + environment 'staging' created at
? Would you like to deploy your app? (Y/n) · true
Archiving and uploading project to Begin...
Beginning deployment of 'staging'
Packaging build for deployment
Publishing build to Begin
Build completed!
Deployed 'staging' to:

If no region is specified, Begin will randomly assign your application to one of the following US regions N. California, Oregon, N. Virginia, or Ohio.

You cannot change the region of your application after creating your application. If you wish to deploy to a different region, you will need to create a new application in the desired region and migrate your data.

Next Steps

  • Join the Enhance Discord and share what you’ve built or ask for help.
  • Let us know what features you would like to see next. What additional regions are important to you?