Introducing the Enhance TypeScript Starter

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by Simon MacDonald

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We know you like TypeScript. We’ve seen how often you search for TypeScript on the Enhance documentation site. We’ve heard from users on our Discord that they want a way to work with TypeScript in their Enhance projects.

The thing is, you’ve always been able to use TypeScript with Enhance. The reason we haven’t officially described a way to set up an Enhance project with TypeScript before is because TypeScript configurations are a matter of taste and we didn’t want to give folks the impression that this is the only way.

However, this has given a number of folks the impression that you cannot use TypeScript with Enhance and we wanted to dispel that myth. According to one user we were giving serious “not a real project” vibes by not supporting TypeScript.

So today, we are introducing the Enhance TypeScript Starter.

Getting Started

Assuming you are starting a new Enhance project you would run the command:

npx "@enhance/cli@latest" new ./myproject \
  --template -y

This will set up a new Enhance project where you will code your APIs, elements and pages in TypeScript instead of JavaScript. Instead of editing files in the app folder you will do your editing in the ts folder.

Project Structure

├── api ............... data routes
│   └── index.mts
├── browser ........... browser JavaScript
│   └── index.mts
├── components ........ single file web components
│   └── my-card.mts
├── elements .......... custom element pure functions
│   └── my-header.mts
├── pages ............. file-based routing
│   └── index.html
└── head.mts .......... custom <head> component

Note: We are using .mts to tell the TypeScript Compiler to generate ES Modules as .mjs files…

Local Development

Running the local development environment is the same as any other Enhance project. The new @enhance/plugin-typescript is responsible for watching the ts folder for any file changes. If the file has an .mts extension they are re-compiled with the compilation target being the app folder. All other file types are simply copied to their corresponding locations in the app folder.

Authoring Code

Write your code in TypeScript. We already have types that you can import into your elements:

import type { EnhanceElemArg } from "@enhance/types"

export default ({ html, state: { attrs } }: EnhanceElemArg) => {
  const { state = "" } = attrs
  return html`
    ${state === "complete" ? "☑" : "☐"}

Or APIs:

import type {
} from "@enhance/types";

type Todo = {
  title: string;
  completed?: boolean;

export const get: EnhanceApiFn = async function (
  request: EnhanceApiReq,
): Promise<EnhanceApiRes> {

  console.log(`Handling ${request.path}...`);

  const todos: Todo[] = [
    { title: "todo 1", completed: false },
    { title: "todo 2", completed: true },
    { title: "todo 3" },

  const response: EnhanceApiRes = {
    json: { todos },

  return response;


Use the @begin/deploy package to deploy your application. Alternatively, you can write a GitHub Action to deploy on every commit.

Next Steps