Announcing Begin teams

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by Ryan Block

Terminal screenshot of the `begin team` command output

By popular demand, we are very excited to announce the release of Begin teams, enabling all Begin users to invite teammates to their apps.

Start collaborating

After updating to the latest version of the Begin CLI (begin update), run the team (or teams) command to create an invitation for a collaborator, like so: begin team invite.

Tip: if you aren’t currently in your project directory, you can also specify the app ID via CLI like so: begin team invite --app ABC123.

Once you have your invite code to your app, privately share it with a friend (via direct message on Discord or Slack, email, etc.). Once your teammates have accepted, you can view your team with begin team list (or ls, if you like):

List of teammates in a Begin app

Roles & permissions

Currently, Begin supports three kinds of roles within an app:

  • owner - full permissions, cannot be removed from / leave the app
  • admin - full permissions, but can be removed from / leave the app
  • collaborator (default) - cannot administer teammates and destroy the app, but otherwise has full permissions

This means all your teammates will be able to spin up new app environments (begin create), deploy builds (begin deploy), tail logs (begin tail), and more.

Learn more

Find additional info and examples of Begin teams in our docs.