begin team

Manage teams for your Begin apps

begin team <action> <parameters> [options]
npx begin team <action> <parameters> [options]

The teams feature is limited to Pro and Enterprise subscription plans.

begin team list

View teammates and their permissions

begin team list

begin team invite

Generate an app invite code. Each code should be treated as a secret and shared only with the individual you wish to grant access to.

begin team invite [--role]

begin revoke

Revoke a previously generated app invite code

begin revoke <code>

begin remove

Remove a teammate from an app; only owner and admin teammates can remove another teammate.

begin remove <username>

begin team role

Assign a new role to a teammate; role must be either admin or collaborator.

begin team role <username:role>

begin team accept

Accept an app invite code

begin team accept <code>

begin team decline

Decline an app invite code

begin team decline <code>

begin team leave

Remove yourself from an app; must be run from within the team project’s directory.

begin team leave