Installing the Begin CLI

You interact with Begin Deploy using the Begin CLI. Installing the Begin CLI should only take 1-2 minutes.


  • Any computer running macOS, Windows, or Linux, with Node.js 16, or later
  • If deploying to Begin: a (free) GitHub account to authenticate the Begin CLI


In your terminal run the following the command to install the Begin Deploy CLI via npm:

npm i --global @begin/deploy
npm i --global "@begin/deploy"

A note for PowerShell users: begin is a reserved word in PowerShell. If you’re using PowerShell, you’ll need to use npx begin instead of begin.

Quick runthrough

Let’s try out some of the core aspects of the Begin CLI by creating and deploying a sample app.

Create a new Enhance app

For this example, we’ll create and deploy a new Enhance app:

npx "@enhance/cli@latest" new ./myproject -y

Preview your app

Start the local server for the Enhance app like so:

cd myproject
npm start

You’ll find the app running locally at localhost:3333.

Log in

Create a Begin account by running the following command in your terminal, then following the instructions to authorize with GitHub.

begin login
npx begin login


Time to ship your brand new project to a fresh environment!

begin deploy
npx begin app deploy

Congratulations, that’s just about it!

Now, let’s go check out a simple GitHub Actions Begin setup.