begin domains

Interact with your Begin domains

begin domains <action> <parameters> [options]
b domains <action> <parameters> [options]

begin domains list

List domains associated with your Begin account

begin domains list [options]
b domains list [options]


List all domains with the verbose flag

begin domains list --verbose
b domains list --verbose

begin domains add

Check a domain’s availability and start the subscription process

begin domains add <parameters> [options]
b domains add <parameters> [options]

If the domain is available, you will get a link to checkout and complete the subscription process.

If the domain is unavailable, some suggestions will be provided.

This command will not charge a card you might have on file. Similarly, it will not hold the domain for you. You will need to complete the subscription process at the provided checkout URL to claim the domain.


The desired domain name


Add the domain

begin domains add --domain
b domains add --domain

Link a subscribed domain to an environment

begin domains link <parameters> [options]
b domains link <parameters> [options]

Begin systems will handle DNS and SSL certificate provisioning. It can take up to 30 minutes for a domain to be fully linked to an environment.


-a, --app
Application ID, not required if working from Begin project directory
Your subscribed domain name
-e, --env
Environment name or ID


Link the domain to the “production” environment of the application XXXXXXXX

begin domains link --domain --env production --app XXXXXXXX
b domains link --domain --env production --app XXXXXXXX

Disconnect a domain from an environment, making it available to re-link

begin domains unlink <parameters> [options]
b domains unlink <parameters> [options]

Unlinking a domain is fairly quick, but if you plan to re-link the domain to a different environment, it can take some time for the DNS and SSL certificate provisioning to complete for the new environment.


Your subscribed domain name


Unlink the domain

begin domains unlink --domain
b domains unlink --domain