Domain subscriptions

Custom domains registered through Begin are priced at US $8/mo. Any deployed application’s named environment can be linked to a domain added via the Begin CLI.

For example, you can subscribe to the domain and link the “production” environment of a deployed application. Your “production” environment will be available at and the original *

Linking a domain to an environment will not affect that application’s other environments.

Caveats and roadmap

  • Currently, only new, unregistered domains can be added.
  • Domains cannot be transferred to Begin yet.
  • Domains cannot be transferred out automatically, but we can manually help with that process.
  • Subdomains and other DNS records are not yet supported.
  • http:// does not automatically redirect to https://.
  • Domains can only be managed via the CLI; a web-based UI is in the works.

All of the above are planned features 💪

We are also considering supporting external DNS pointed at Begin infrastructure.
If this interests you, please let us know: