Welcome to Begin

Begin is an end-to-end platform for building fullstack web apps that are highly stable, easily maintainable, yet extremely fast and full-featured.

  • Full-featured fullstack - Apps built on Begin are equipped with built-in auto-scaling databases, server-side rendering, event queues, scheduled jobs, CDNs, and everything you need to build just about anything you want.
  • Best-in-breed local dev - Begin developers have everything necessary to instantly create, expand, or debug their app locally. No containers, no cubes, no waiting around, and no mysteries.
  • Deploy it right - When you’re ready to ship, Begin deterministically deploys your application to isolated, independently scalable environments for each of your feature branches, staging, and production.
  • Built-in domains - Add a domain to your app, and Begin will take care of all the boring, tedious stuff, like DNS, SSL certificates, and CDN deployments.
  • Resolve bugs faster - When something isn’t quite right in your app, Begin provides real-time log streaming and instantaneous log queries to quickly isolate and resolve your bug.

How Begin apps are different

Begin apps are, at their core, Functional Web Apps. This means apps deployed to Begin adhere to a lower-level architectural pattern that relies on single-responsibility cloud functions, built-in managed databases, and deterministically deployed cloud infrastructure.

While every architectural pattern has tradeoffs, this forward-looking approach to web app development gives Begin apps a unique set of features and characteristics not found anywhere else. Learn more about Functional Web Apps at https://fwa.dev.

Get started

Ok, ready to go? Let’s get started on your first Begin app by installing the Begin CLI.