begin team

Manage team membership for yourself and your Begin apps

Note: free-tier Begin apps are limited a total of three total teammates (including the app owner).

begin team <action> <parameters> [options]
b team <action> <parameters> [options]

begin team list

View teammates and their permissions

begin team list

begin team invite

Generate an app invite code; each code should be treated as a secret and shared privately with the individual the inviter wishes to grant access.

begin team invite [--role]

begin revoke

Revoke a previously generated app invite code (for instance, should you no longer want to invite someone to your app).

begin revoke <code>

begin remove

Remove a teammate from an app; only owner and admin teammates can remove another teammate.

begin remove <username>

begin team role

Assign a new role to a teammate; role must be either admin or collaborator.

begin team role <username:role>

begin team accept

Accept an app invite code.

begin team accept <code>

begin team decline

Decline an app invite code.

begin team decline <code>

begin team leave

Remove yourself from an app

begin team leave